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Portable charger

SimplyWork All Around 16 package is designed to charge your EV anywhere and in any situation. Package include a level 2 EV charger, a Level 1 compatible charging adapter cable (NEMA 5-15 for regular household), a charging cable organizer and a carrying case.

Home Chargers

UL Full Tested and Certified

Fast charging and adjustable amperage 6A-42A (10kWh)

App support with schedule charging,

RFID support with 2 control cards

Jupiter folding electric bikes

Folding electricbikes are perfect for city travel. Powered by lithium battery.



I use this with my outlander PHEV, it has only been a year and for the moment this thing is meeting all expectation. The car is charged within a few hours and has really bought down my gas usage. The car has limited EV mileage and having something that charges the batteries quick really pays off.

Jim Carr
Toronto, ON

I already have one of these at home so I installed another at my business. You can’t go wrong. It works and it’s inexpensive but very well made.

Bruce Barton
Montreal, QC

Excellent plug for my pluging hybrid car. At 240volts the load is limited to 16 amps. I installed this jack and as well as a "Drok Digital AC Multimeter - Voltmeter Ammeter 80-300V - 0-100 amps and Power Energy Meter purchased from Amazon. So I can calculate exactly the power consumption of my Prius Prime.

Bernard Lavoie
Vancouver, BC

I tried to replace my 12a Chevy Volt charger with this 16a charger. I was using a Nema 10-30 to 5-15 adapter. Once connecting it to the adapter included I was able to get a 16a 240v charge that is 25%+ faster than my previous set up with a longer cord.

Note: this is not a recommended workflow, my neighbor is a master electrician and said it’s fine.

Tony B
Barry, ON

J’aime le fait qu’on puisse brancher sur le 120 et le 240v ce qui nous permet une charge rapide comme une borne ou charge lente. Je m’en sert tout les jours

5.0 out of 5 stars Charge bien
Quebec, QC